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Thermal Rolls

We have a wide selection of thermal eftpos rolls, receipt rolls and till rolls. Included in our selection are our most popular thermal paper rolls 80 x 80mm, and our 3 ply thermal paper rolls.

We also have BPA free Thermal Rolls, they’re an environmentally friendly thermal roll option which protects both employees and customers with safer, non-toxic receipts.  Ideal for organic retailers, restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets and so forth. The print quality on BPA free paper remains high.

What’s the difference between thermal till rolls and non-thermal till rolls?

If you place non thermal paper rolls (also known as bond paper) and thermal paper rolls side-by-side, you’ll notice a significant difference on the paper finish. The non-thermal types of paper roll do not have a coating so the paper surface is flat and porous. However thermal POS rolls have a sheen to the surface and are smooth to touch. 

The sheen visible on thermal paper is a coating that aids in inkless printing. On application of heat to the coating from a thermal roll printer, a clear image is formed on the paper with no requirement for ribbons or inks. It provides high-definition images that stay intact for a long time and therefore are reliable and useful for important documents, such as the receipts created with thermal register rolls on thermal eftpos rolls. 

Looking for information on  thermal rolls? Unsure about which one is most suitable for you? Give us a call! 0800 787 326

*Streamline Solutions EFTPOS Rolls available in online store.

Non-Thermal Paper or Bond Paper

Bond paper absorbs printer ink easily  for clean, easy to read, lasting print and comes in 1, 2 or 3 ply options. It has a specially treated surface that consistently produces images with high-resolution colour prints, crisp lines and high-contrast colour. It has a smooth surface and maximum ink hold for greater clarity of printing.

Looking for information on thermal rolls?

We are one of New Zealand’s largest POS paper roll suppliers, and therefore have a huge range of paper roll sizes available, including our most popular 80 x 80mm Thermal Rolls Box of 50, as well as 80 x 80mm BPA Free Thermal Rolls Box of 50. We have an extensive range of eftpos rolls and many of our customers use eftpos rolls 57mm x 38mm. If you are looking to buy till rolls and are unsure of which size, or type of paper roll will most suit your requirements please reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Custom Printed Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

At Streamline Solutions we can help you make the most of your humble POS paper rolls. As a leading supplier of Eftpos paper rolls NZ, we supply our customers with custom printed thermal receipt paper rolls.

Here’s some ideas to help you capitalise on this value added option. 


BRANDING – Sounds simple but having your logo on the back of the receipt is a powerful branding tool.

OFFERS – Incentivise customers to come back by offering them something. Do you own a café? How about giving customers a second coffee at half price when they bring their receipt back? The world is your oyster!




IMPORTANT MESSAGES – Let customers know your returns policy or other important information on the back of the receipt, not only is it a handy spot for the customers it also helps to save paper, which helps you save on costs.

ELEVATE YOUR BRAND – Do you have a signature colour? We can match it! Want to add a QR code that links to your site? We can do that! Come up with an idea and we can help you make it a reality contact us today!

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