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New World, Eastridge: It’s Our Attentive Service that New World Eastridge Appreciates So Much!

New World Eastridge is a bustling owner-operated supermarket. Customers appreciate them for their consistently great food, excellent customer service and the family-oriented environment they create.  

Streamline supports New World Eastridge with their office consumables and our attentive service, “they are wonderful, Ranjini always calls to follow up as we are a very busy supermarket, we may forget to order so she always checks if we need anything”.

When we caught up with owner Kamini, it was a typically busy day at the Eastridge based store, and it was obvious that wearing many hats as a business owner meant that attentive service from one’s office consumables provider is a welcome support. 

That’s what Streamline is known for. We care about the business owners we serve, and understand how important it is to have the basics sorted so that business can run smoothly no matter how busy things get on the shop floor. 

As Kamini says they run a simple business who “sell groceries to customers”, but as any business owner knows, it’s about doing the simple things, really well. 

For New World Eastridge we supply Till Rolls which print the receipt for the customer, a simple and yet essential product to keep a busy supermarket running efficiently. 

Kamini says she loves the service that we provide. “We get the delivery on time which saves the hassle. Product is of good quality, no issues”.  

*Streamline Solutions EFTPOS Rolls available in online store.

New World Eastridge is typical of many of our customers; what they love most is our one-on-one service, that essential call that ensures the till rolls never run out. Kamini says Ranjini’s service calls ensure they always have stock on time which means they can continue to “provide good service for their customers and ensure they keep coming back”.

 “We would like to be with Streamline in the future and recommend (them) to other’s” – Kamini, Eastridge New World.

Streamline are also locally owned and operated meaning orders consistently arrive quickly, we have an online store, and we ship to all New Zealand regions. It’s easy to order online, and our team is always on hand to help you out.

Would you like us to support your business, just like we have for Kamini and New World Eastridge? Then reach out today. 

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