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Case Study
Rosie Cafe,  gives Streamline 100% on our customer service!

At Streamline we have the privilege of serving a wide range of customers with our office consumables solutions.  

Rosie Café is a quintessential suburban eatery, operating for over 10 years. They’re nestled in suburban Parnell across from the famous Rose Gardens. The vibe is relaxed, unpretentious and friendly, so it’s no wonder we are such a good fit!. 

We provide Rosie Café with Till Rolls which helps take care of that essential business function, so they can focus on being creative with food, and attentive to their customers – those fundamental elements that make Rosie so great.

Operations Manager Izanne recently shared with us her appreciation for Streamline’s service, “amazing, bright and bubbly, I really like you guys. You ring me regularly as something so simple as till rolls I often forget about so it’s nice to be called and reminded”.

And it’s just as well we can take some of the logistics stress off Rosie Cafés plate, because they’ve recently also opened a takeaway store next to the current site. Expansion means more delicious food, to more people and of course more of the necessary support elements such as till rolls.

*Streamline Solutions EFTPOS Rolls available in online store.

It’s also great to hear that the reason we are in business is the reason Izanne is so appreciative of our service. We’re here to create relationships with local businesses, and to support them to do what they do so well. She says it’s “comforting to have the same person calling and have the relationship between us”, and we agree. 

After a challenging couple of years businesses have faced across the country and the world, it’s good to know we can make a difference just by sticking with what we do best. Bringing attentive and personal service, with quality products. So would Rosie Café recommend us? “Yes 100%”, says Izanne, “purely based on customer service. Beautiful, amazing, very well done. Thank-you for everything else you do for us”.

If you’d like to find out how we can support your business, just like we have for Izanne and Rosie Café, then reach out today.

Or check out our online store. It’s easy to use and order, and our team is always on hand to help you out, no matter where you are in New Zealand.

Case Study –                    Dominos

Case Study Banner Image - Dominos

Great products and excellent customer service are just two of the reasons Domino’s franchisee Rob Lea uses Streamline Solutions’ POS rolls and food labels for his five busy stores – and has done for as long as he can remember.

Case Study – New World Eastridge

Case Study Banner Image - Dominos

When we caught up with owner Kamini, it was a typically busy day at the Eastridge based store, and it was obvious that wearing many hats as a business owner meant that attentive service from ones office consumables providor is a welcome support.

Case Study – Preens Drycleaners

Case Study Banner Image - Dominos

Streamline provides Preens with Marine Grade Tags for garments as they go through the dry cleaning process.  This attachment ensures business runs smoothly, and customers are always reunited with their  item at the end of the process. 

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