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Food Preparaton Solutions

With one of the largest ranges of food labels in New Zealand, you’ll be able to find a product to suit your needs. Are you looking for custom food label stickers, or food packaging labels?

You can ensure your kitchen meets important food safety procedures and food safety standards, and avoid food safety hazards with our catering food labels.

Perfect for Cafes and Restaurants, in fact our catering food labels are perfect for use in any commercial kitchen, or any space used for food preparation – even with basic food preparation this product is a kitchen essential.

CleanPeel Labels are made from durable plastic that is water-resistant, tough and clean.  Labels will withstand kitchen environments that cause conventional paper labels to peel and become a sticky mess. These food prep labels are removable food labels, allowing for repositioning on containers. A protective coating keeps the labels from harbouring bacteria and other contaminants. Suitable for temperature range -6º C to 93ºC.

Dissolvable labels are ideal for identifying for when ingredients need to be used by or when they are prepped. When the label is no longer required it will dissolve completely in 30 seconds using any water temperature or in the dishwasher. This eliminates the sticky residue that other adhesives leave behind, which can harbour bacteria and contaminate clean pans. Suitable for temperature range 4º C to 78ºC.

Food Label Dispenser

Make organisation easy with labels for each day of the week and a handy label dispenser.

As well as food labels we also stock label dispensers. Some of our customers refer to these as label dispenser machines, DIY label roll dispensers, label roll dispensers, and food labellers. If you’d like guidance on what product will most suit your needs give us a call: 0800 787 326

Check out some of our other office consumables solutions:

Thermal Rolls

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We have a wide selection of thermal eftpos rolls, receipt rolls and till rolls. Included in our selection are our most popular thermal paper rolls 80 x 80mm, and our 3 ply thermal paper rolls. If you need Thermal rolls or bond paper, our team can help you find the right rolls for your machines.


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We sell top-quality dry cleaning equipment and dry cleaning consumables , including dry cleaning paper rolls. We supply wet strength paper rolls and wet strength strips (some customers call these dry cleaning tags), and indelible ink ribbons designed for use with wet strength paper.


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We offer an extensive and affordable range of stationery products. Think of us as your local supplier of stationery and office products. Browse our range of Office Supplies including Paper, Laminating pouches, Labels, Tape Dispensers, Scissors, Clipboards and more.

Explore some of our case studies:

Case Study – Subway Gisborne

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Streamline Solutions’ consistency, personable service, and great prices are quoted as being the leading reasons for Subway Gisborne’s repeated business since 2019, according to the store owner Murray Webb.

Case Study – Rosie Cafe           

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At Streamline we have the privilege of serving a wide range of customers with our office consumables solutions.  Rosie Café is a quintessential suburban eatery, operating for over 10 years. 

Case Study – Preens Drycleaners

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Streamline provides Preens with Marine Grade Tags for drycleaned garments. Having this attachment means the business runs smoothly, and customers are always reunited with the correct item at the end of the process.